While the Men’s Forum has continued over the Summer Months under the guidance of some of the men in the group and with the help of Jim Kresge and Jim Cotter, on Tuesday, October 4th at 12:00 noon downstairs in Barrett Hall the Fall/Winter/Spring session of the Forum will begin. While we do not expect John Anthony to be with us for a bit longer, recent visits with John suggest that he might well return to this group that he has overseen for approximately 25 years. John often referred to these opening sessions as an “Ad Lib” session during which we will share our experiences over the summer months and any ideas for programming in the coming months. For the following 2 weeks we will focus on the Michael Moore Movie titled: “Where to Invade Next” to be followed by the book titled “Why the Right Went Wrong” by E.J. Dionne where he discusses the history of conservatism with a Fox News analyst. All retired men are welcome along with any men who have the time to join with us. See you there.

— Bob Skidmore